What is Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe?

Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to meeting the demands of the Rebbe's Shluchim who are raising children with physical, developmental or emotional disabilities. Our mission is to relieve part of the financial stress by providing services and programs, and to offer support in other areas.

Some services and programs include:

  • Respite program
  • Summer programs
  • Reimbursement funds
  • Halachic expertise
  • Seminars and retreats

  • Who qualifies for services and financial assistance from Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe?
    Services and financial assistance will be provided to all Shluchim with special-needs children; regardless of their geographical location.

    What makes Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe unique?
    Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe understands that a serious disability impacts the entire family. Therefore our programs are geared toward each member of the family. There are several counseling options available for parents, the disabled child and siblings. There are many opportunities for the entire family to participate in programs together.

    Is my information kept confidential?
    Yes! All information provided is strictly confidential. All forms or other information will only be reviewed by Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe's professional staff. We will never share your information with a third party.

    Is there any cost to the family?
    No. All Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe programs and services are available free of charge.

    Who can I call for more information?
    Contact Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe, at 646-558-5800 or Email:info@yaldei.com

    If I know of a family in need, who should I contact?
    Contact Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe, at 646-558-5800 or Email:info@yaldei.com